3 minute classic - London Wall E5 6a with Ste McClure

29th Aug 2019

An occassional Series.


Somewhere back at the start of 2016 I decided I’d like to spend more time working on personal projects. Constantly creating work for others can sometimes leave you a little tired and burnt out, creating something entirely for yourself on the other hand can feel very liberating.

Imagine a brief that say’s “you can create anything you want” as it's title, an open book so to speak, without any constraints. Obviously there’s no pot of gold or financial reward when the credits roll, but hey artistic freedom can be worth its weight in gold!


So. the easy part was the “I want to create something for me” the hard part was “what” exactly?


I had this loose idea floating around in my head, I even had a working title, I was going to call it "3 Minute classic" the premis of which was quite simple, tell a story in just 3 minutes. It didn't really matter what the story was so long as it was a classic. But what makes a classic, classic? My classic might not be you're classic. So I decided to come up with a list of things which I'd like to film. Then marry the what, with a who. Yep, find an expert in each field and get them to talk with authority about just why the classic is a classic. 

It could in theory be anything. Something as simple as making a cup of coffee or as complicated as climbing a tenuous finger crack up a gently overhanging wall of Gritstone or perhaps running up the highest mountains the UK has to offer.


So now the idea had substance,  all I needed to do was decide on where I wanted to start and who to ask to take part.


Well, as you can see from this first offering, I came up with a classic gritstone route on one of my local Peak District crags, Millstone. I asked the UK's best climber Ste McClure to talk about his favourite route and what makes it a total classic in his eyes. I hope you enjoy the results and keep your eye's peeled for some more in this series.