Cwmorthin - I read slate, write my own story

14th Aug 2019

Timing is everything so I’m told, particularly in sex and comedy! So it somehow seems very apt that on the day I decide to post a short video I’ve just finished, based around a poem written by the the Welsh poet T L MacDonnell about a slate quarry called Cwmorthin, I’m sent a link to the BBC’s website and a news item about “Gwynedd’s slate world heritage plans put to the public” 


The piece talks about how plans for securing Unesco World Heritage site status could benefit an area famed for its slate industry. A nomination for the Gwynedd landscape to join the likes of the Taj Mahal and the Egyptian pyramids was announced by the UK Government back in October. Now the council has published a plan outlining how status could protect, promote and ultimately improve the area.


Here’s a link to the article