Arctic Monkeys and Sheffield Elephants

6th Aug 2018


It’s been just over two years and I still haven’t managed to write about so many “happenings” that have taken place. It should be simple to write a blog shouldn’t it?  But the simple fact’s are I’m a photographer and film maker, not a writer. I write out of necessity when I have to, which thankfully these days isn’t that often (i tend to try and hook up with writers and they do the writing) over the last couple of years I’ve been privileged to work with some great people and companies from all aspects of life, not just my usual sporting and lifestyle brands (although there has been a fair bit of this too)

Two years ago I was approached by the Arctic Monkeys management and asked if I would be interested in making a short documentary for them. 
They had commissioned a piece of art to be painted (as part of a much bigger event) and they wanted the process documented. I knew the artist Rocket01 who was to undertake the work well and had worked with him on several occasions, so it would just be like hanging out with an old friend.

The piece of art was actually a part of a much larger project supporting The Sheffield Children’s Hospital. The idea, the brain child of Bex Staden (part of the Children Hospitals team) was to create a ‘trail’ throughout the city consisting of large, fibreglass Elephants. The idea was that each Elephant had a sponsor. The sponsor would select the artist to customise their Elephant. Once all the finished Elephants were ready for display, a ‘one night only’ exhibition was held to introduce them to the public. Then during the depths of night the Elephants were shipped to their respective locations across the city, where they would remain for the next 3 months before being once more collected and taken to the Crucible Theatre to be auctioned off with all the proceeds going to the Children’s hospital. 

The Monkeys Elephant was going to be of a similar design to their 2013 award winning album cover from ‘AM’, both designed by Matthew Cooper
Sheffield based artist Rocket01 would then  apply the design to the Elephant, which when finished would be signed by the band.
Geoff Barradale the AM’s manager gave me a brief rundown of what was wanted, which essentially was to document the process in a quite stylised, hand held way and produce a ‘video short’ of around 2.5 minutes. 
The finished video was put on the AM’s website and social media channels with links to the Sheffield Children’s Charity website to generate more interest and hopefully more donations for the charity - which it did.
To watch the finished video on the AM's website please click on the following link