Flex that Bicep

6th Jul 2018

Back in the depths of winter 2017 I got to work with one of my current favourite bands.

The mighty duo that make up Bicep, Andy Ferguson and Matt McBriar.

They were on the Uk leg of their sell out world tour (Brixton sold out in just 24 hours and their

Roundhouse gig show sold out 4 months in advance of the show) 

They were playing a live set down at the legendry Hope Works, scene of many a great night over

the years and more recently home to the music/arts festival NoBounds.

For those of you who don't know how the club/live music scene works, the venue opens just before

midnight when the warm up act goes on and plays until probably One or Two, then its time for the

headline act who will most often play a two hour set which will take you through till around Four.

The final act then plays until Six, when the doors shut and everyone try's to grab a taxi home.

Quite often as bands, producers and Dj's rise through the ranks, the 'Dos and Don'ts' of what your

allowd to photograph and film increase. At a recent Jeff Mills gig, he played his entire 3 hour set in

complete darkness, so no one could capture him on film, video or most likely their Iphones - to be

honest in made for a pretty boring 3 hours! 

Prior to Bicep arriving I'd rigged alsorts of Flash up in the roof and behind, left and right of the stage.

When their tour manager arrived I was told that they didn't want me to use any flash at all.

This limited me to what I was going to be able to do and how I was going to do it, but as a friend of

mine always says "It is, what it is" the subsequent pics were not my best, but served a purpose and

featured on Resident Advisor the next day and subsequently in various music magazines over the next

month and it was a great gig to boot, so win win really. Nice one lads.