Hanging with Olympic and World Champion Chad Le Clos

11th May 2018

For those of us that run "one man(women) bands" being constantly in the limelight or "front of house" is an everyday necessary evil.
As a photographer, I let my pictures do the talking for me and like a lot of creatives, I tend to hide behind my work, or in my case my camera. I'm not overtly shy or anything, I just don't like being the center of attention.
A few years ago I got to work with Olympic Gold medalist and world champion Chad Le Clos. The shoot took place over several days in Barcelona and was for Chads sponsor Arena who were launching a Chad le Clos range of apparel called "Ready to Roar"
On this occasion, I wasn't the guy pressing the shutter! In fact it wasn't a guy at all. Rather a very talented girl, by the name of Lucia Grigi. Lucia and I have worked together in the past (I took her portrait for a book project) and when she was approached by Arena to shoot the photos for the clothing launch she contacted me and asked if I would come along and do the lighting for her. I loved the idea and agreed straight away.
So a couple of weeks later I found myself on a beautiful sandy beach just outside the city of Barcelona surrounded by an entourage of stylists, MUA's, Arena personnel, a videographer capturing the whole thing for Arenas website, a manager and of course Chad himself.
We shot over a couple of days, utilising the best evening and early morning light coupled with some large reflectors (in the evening) and a couple of flash packs (in the morning)