Man and Machine

22nd Feb 2018

Man and Machine from Liz Von Graevenitz on Vimeo.

I got to work with one of my favourite artists again in October as she prepared an installation for the Music and Art festival, No Bounds.

Liz von Graevenitz (spelled with a small "v" I'm told) was just about to start building a new installation for the event. Four large panels were going to be made using intricate paper cuts from old sheet music which had then been glued to large hand built translucent canvasses. These would then be suspended from an overhead beam. When everything was finally in place and experimental, stop motion film, which Liz had made, was going to be "back" projected onto the canvases to complete the installation.

The Installation was selected to be placed next to the main music stage in Trafalgar Warehouse, one of the main venues for the event and the only artwork to be incorporated within the dance floor.

This short video shows the artist creating the piece in her studio prior to the event, as well as the actual installation of the piece and finally the piece "In-Situ" and "Stage left" during the actual festival.

A big thanks to Liz for letting me film her during the creative process and to Steevio, creator of the music used in the film and one of the featured artists to play at No Bounds.

To read what Liz had to say about her piece on her website, click HERE. For more of Steevio's great music check out his Soundcould page HERE.