No Bounds - Liz von Graevenitz

4th Jul 2017

Creating art isn’t supposed to be easy, is it? If it was we’d all be artists!
In todays modern arena, a time dominated by the internet, social media and “quick fixes” there's something very reassuring about watching someone create something from scratch, using only their hands, basic materials and a spark of an idea. 
It’s refreshing to watch techniques like stretching a canvas, something as simple as mixing paint, or as complicated and skillful as delicately cutting out a stencil, are still used in creating a piece of work as opposed to a "Mac" and a 3D printer! Think about that for just a second. When was the last time you actually mixed up paint in order to paint a picture, school maybe?
If it was me planning a painting I'd simply go out and buy a canvas. I wouldn’t have even thought about making one! Obviously, I don't know how to, but even if I did why bother, you can get that instant gratification just down the road in the “cheap art” shop for a very reasonable price.
For most of us that instant "Hit" is important. We might not even realise it, but we've become a part of an "instant" society. We hate waiting for anything. We want it and we want it NOW.
I've just spent two weeks documenting Artist Liz von Graevenitz and the new work she's been creating specifically for "No Bounds" a celebration of Technology, Music and Art right here in Sheffield. For some artists like Liz, creating her work from the "ground up" so to speak, is all part of the working practice and if that means building a wooden frame, in order to stretch your material over it to create a canvas, then that is just part of the process she chooses, it's not in the slightest way inconvenient.
For me it's always a real honour watching a true "craftsman" or "woman" at work. Watching someone who completely understands the medium they choose to work in. Its also an education spending time with someone as talented and driven as Liz.  Seeing all the hard physical and emotional effort that goes into turning an idea into a fabulous piece of art. At times it was "boarderline" painful to watch as emotions ran high. But when the final pieces were hung everyone agreed the time invested had been spectacularly worth it.
If you'de like to go on that same journey of creation with Liz, head over to her website and check out a short video showcasing the pieces she created for the No Bounds Festival and the other amazing work she does here
I'll be posting a short piece about the festival itself at a later date, but in the meantime if you'de like to learn more about it and another forthcoming event being held in October check it out here.