The UK's hardest route - Rainman 9b

21st Jun 2017

Huge congratulations to my good friend Ste McClure for sending his long term project "Rainman" at Malham Cove, here in the uk. For those of you that aren't familiar with Ste's epic, against all the odds, stuggle to climb this route, here is a little "light" reading on the subject.

The line starts up the classic Malham test piece Raindogs 8a, negotiates the crux of McClures other masterpiece Rainshadow 9a, then leads up his 2013 route Batman 9a/+ before finishing up another Malham horror show Bat Route 8c, also incorporating some new ground.

The line was given a "working" title by Ste of The Easy Easy - A play on American climber Chris Sharma's super route "La Dura Dura" 9b+

Rainman replaces Steve's previous long term project at Malham Cove, Overshadow 9a+ - which he climbed in 2007 and was later confirmed by Adam Ondra as "Hard 9a+" - as the hardest sport route in the UK. Steve invested roughly 42 days of climbing into Overshadow, spread over a period of Four years, whilst Rainman required over 100 sessions spanning Ten seasons since 2010.  With this ascent, Steve became the first British climber to achieve the grade of 9b.