If music be the food of love - City Mag

1st Mar 2017


This short video was made at the beginning of February 2017. It depicts artist Liz Von Graevenitz

as she prepares an original piece that will premier on the cover of the February’s edition City Mag.


In a world filled with instant gratification all of liz’s work is made by hand. Instead of designing and editing on a computer Liz chooses the once traditional methods of Pen, Paper and Scissors for the majority of her work.


The piece entitled “If music be the food of love, Play on” is, in Liz’s own words an “anti-valentines” piece and includes several of Liz’s signature elements which run throughout her work, including the Heart and antique paper cuts. 


For more of Liz’s work, you can visit her website - Liz Von Graevenitz