Ben Moon workbook

30th Nov 2016

When I used to be a climber, as opposed to someone who spends a lot of time capturing climbing images, I'd bump into Ben Moon everywhere. First on the limestone crags of the Ormes, in North Wales. Then on the cliffs of Raven Tor in the Peak District and even on the steep crags of Boux in France, he was everywhere!

Ben Moon has been a bit of a legend in climbing circles ever since he bolted and climbed Statement of Youth 8a back in 1984 as a 17 year old. The ensuing years saw him climb with some of the most influential climbers of modern times as well as putting up a string of groundbreaking first ascents himself including Agincourt 8c in 89, followed a year later (90) by Hubble 9a, the hardest sport route in the world at the time. 

Ben also went on to establish the highly successful clothing brand S7, a collaboration with Stephan Glowacz to produce the mega climbing shoe brand Red Chilli and in recent years Moon climbing, a company specialising not only in climbing apparel but also training aids such as campus rungs and a range of holds. 

One of Ben’s most recent ventures is adding a “made in Sheffield” range to his Moon Climbing brand. The idea was to somehow include local artists and craftsmen and incorporate their work or design's into his own brand. So after all those years of "Bumping" into Ben, it gave me great pleasure shooting the "Local" portraits for moon.