Liz Von Graevenitz

27th Nov 2016

LVG from Tim Glasby on Vimeo.

Liz Von Graevenitz, or LVG as I like to affectionately call her, is an artist from Sheffield, in the UK. I first encountered Liz lying on a cold floor underneath an elephant in a huge warehouse. She, not me, was under the elephant you understand! She was painting white stripes around its legs and trunk, but that’s an altogether different story. A story that involves children, elephants and even arctic monkeys!
It's safe to say I filed away that strange encounter somewhere in my unconscious, until a current film project made me think of her again.  
Liz grew up in Sheffield, a gritty, northern town made famous for its once burgeoning Steel industry. 

Her stark surroundings unknowingly would be what shaped her artistic style. Her studio, a mere stones-throw away from her home, by contrast is warm and colourful and smells of paint.


Pulsations, is her first show on home turf and when I speak to her about meeting up she suggests I come to the studio, because she has to work with less than a month before opening night. I arrive at the studio to find Liz hunched over a huge light-box, concentration unwavering, drawing lines on what is to become one of her latest pieces.
For the last month I've been able to document Liz through the highs and lows of what has turned out to be an emotionally charged glimpse, into the life of a modern-day artist preparing for a solo show. Its been interesting observing, looking in from the outside and wondering where its all going. I've had a lot of fun hanging out with LVG. Her show, Pulsations, opened last Thursday to a full house of enthusiastic friends, fans, critics and well whishes. My film, documenting Liz, her life and art, is still on going. But here are three short clips  I made to promote the show - I hope you enjoy them - to find out more about liz and her art  click this link