A day and night in the County

12th Jun 2016

I've said it before on here, and I'll say it again "I love Northumberland" for me at any rate, it's one of the most evocitive places in the UK, a place that is very dear to my heart and will always be home to some very special memories. The photo (above) of the Angel of the North isn't really in Northumberland, in fact it's just this side of Newcastle (Sheffield Side) but it's like a gateway to Nothumberland for me. When I see it up on the hill above the motorway I know its just a short matter of time before I arrive in "The County" home of some of the finest un-touched beaches in Briton and hardly a sole about, it's never crowded!

I had intended on staying longer than the title of this piece would suggest, but like so many "outings" here  in the UK, the weather played a rather unkind hand and by mid morning the day after arriving the rain was bouncing down and retreat seemed the better part of valour. I didn't even make it up to my favourite crags, just walks along all the wonderful beaches, while filling my lungs up with fresh air and bombarding my senses with the taste of salt on my lips and the smell and the sound of the sea.

I like to pack just a single, small camera and a couple of prime lenses that will easily fit in my pocket while I'm walking the dogs. Photography in this instance takes a back seat, I like to savour Northumberland and when I'm not there to work I like the experience to be uninterrupted.

 As an "Outdoor photographer" I spend an awful lot of my time carrying lot's of heavy equipment about. Cameras, lenses, flash-packs and heads, as well as a sturdy tripod seem to be almost obligitory, so one tiny camera like the Lumix GH4 and a couple of tiny prime's (14mm f2.5 and a 25mm f1.4) are a blessing. I don't even feel like I'm particularly taking photos, it just kind-of happens. The photos will never be "award winning" they're not even "that great" but I do really enjoy the process and that, in its self, is for me at least an important factor.