For one night only - Artist Foundry at the 2015 Kendal Mountain Film Festival

30th Oct 2015

When the clocks go back and British summertime ends, for me winter has truly arrived! I actually prefer cold weather. Cold, not wet! Lets get that straight. I love snow and Ice, so long as they're accompanied with Blue skies and the occassional warm carress of sun on my cheek. But here in the UK that, rarely occurs. Winter months usually mean Short grey days so I have to have little beacons of light to look forward to. One of those "Beacons" is the Kendal Mountain Film Festival which takes place from the 19th - 22nd November, 2015. As the name might suggest, the festival is a celebration of everything "mountain" coverering Films, Speakers, Art, as well as a whole bunch of the biggest and most respected manufacturers and retailers.

In past years I've been involved in a myriad of ways including giving audio visual presentations, talks, and photography as well as offering moral support to various other Speakers who are also sponsored athletes and more importantly, my friends.  

This year I'm heading up there in a very unofficial capacity, which suits me just fine. I'm going to take in a couple of Films I've been involved with in a very small way, watch at least one Speaker, Ben Moon and hang out in the Marmot tent with one of the UK's most respected Graffiti artist's "Foundry" who will be painting a huge canvas throughout the day on Sunday, which will be auctioned in aid of the charity CAC (Climbers against Cancer)

Go say "Hi" to the guys in the tent, they're a great bunch.