A splash of Colour

27th Apr 2015

I had the privilege last week, of watching two local (Sheffield) Graffiti artists painting a piece that had been commissioned by a local business, My Container. The piece took Pawski and Shoe2 (their writer names) 5 days to complete, for the best part of those 5 days the sun shone, the sky was cloud free and there wasn't so much as a breath of wind. I spent the entire week with them documenting the whole process of their work, watching them putting in the initial lines and fills, blocking in the colours and overcoming the problems of the corrugated surface. Having looked at the drawings and art work that the two artists had produced for the piece I envisaged taking a final "finished" photograph of the piece, based on the incredible weather we'd had all week basking in the beautiful evening light, the sky darkening with a hint of red and orange, but as is often the case when your weather reliant, as the day crept on, the sun was replaced with cloud, the wind picked up and even a few spots of rain somehow found they way into my prefect scenario! 

Ah well, what to do. The dark, slightly menacing clouds did add their own drama to the scene, they weren't red or orange, but drama is drama never mind what guise it wears. 

Turning the final image into black and white is a bit of a gimmick, but it works well I think in showing off the finished piece. I'm going to head back in the next few days and I'm hoping the weather is going to "play ball" 

Big thanks to My Container, Pawski and Shoe2