First day at school

17th Apr 2015

Sometime ago, I shot a series of photos of one of the worlds best climbers, British Uber wad Ben Moon training at the infamous "Schoolroom" in Sheffield . Ben was selling his company S7 to a larger US based company and moving to the States to live. One of his sponsors, the boot manufacturer Red Chili wanted to document his last day of training and turn it into what would become an advert entitled "Generation Red - Schools Out"

A lot has happened since I shot those photos thirteen or perhaps fourteen years ago. Ben is now back living here in Sheffield, he opened a new company MOON, this time named after himself as opposed to his post code (Zip code) and the Schoolroom, a legendry training facility, unfourtunately closed!

When the Schoolroom closed closed, Ben collected all the old climbing boards and stored them away in the hopes that at sometime in the future they'd get used again,  2014 saw that day dawn and the reserrection of the Schoolroom dually ensued.

I was lucky enough to be invited by Ben to come along and shoot some photos in the new building which had lovingly been built in Bens own warehouse and was a combination of the old boards he'd saved and a sweeping new wall.

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