ShAFF 2015

24th Feb 2015

Its that time of year again. Christmas and New year are distant memories and Easter holidays are looming fast! I always feel a little “In - limbo” this time of year, my moods are grey which seem to reflect the weather outside today, although I’m noticing the days are gradually getting lighter.
It’s the end of February and there is light at the end of the tunnel, ShAFF, or to those of you that hate acronyms, that would be The Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, a veritable feast of films featuring every conceivable type of “Daring do” and then some.

For two years I was part of the judging panel, so got to watch the films at home with my feet up and a cup of tea in my hand. Last year I was in Italy so missed this great local (to me) event, but this year I’ll be there and am really looking forward to seeing the new crop of films.
ShAFF isn’t just about films though, theres a whole host of other great activities going on including lectures by world renowned climber Ste McClure and the equally awesome runner Ricky Lightfoot, Film making masterclass, Travel writing workshop, photo competitions, Live Music and PARTIES, plus a whole host of other exciting things to do, listen to and watch, check out the entire programme here.

Or visit the ShAFF site here Great event, great atmosphere. Go on, have some fun