17th Dec 2014

Foundry from Tim Glasby on Vimeo.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with one of Sheffield’s finest Graffiti artists, an artist simply known as FOUNDRY. For those of you that know your history, I'm sure you'll already appreciate the connection between the artists name and "the Steel City" for those that don't you can find a very concise and potted history - HEREessentially the City of Sheffied has over the years been one of the biggest and most influencial producers of Steel in the world and that steel was produced in Factories known as "Foundries" During our afternoon together he painted and I filmed. We exchanged the odd word here and there along the way. Both of us immersed in our own little worlds. At the end of the afternoon he pointed out to me something quite profound regarding his chosen field of Graffiti. Something I'd never thought of before, but when you heard it from someone elses lips, it seemed so obvious. So obvious I had to laugh. 

I'd been reserching the world of local Graffiti for over a year. During that year I'd interviewed and spoken to numerous artist's and none of them had touched on what Foundry had just told me, he said - its still one of the only mediums when your not in direct contact with the surface your painting on -  "Aerosol remains one of the few mediums where there's that little "Gap" literal, physical gap between the end of your can, and whatever your painting on"

Obvious Huh! But profound never the less - Hear exactly what he says by watching and listening to the little video above.