Instagram Rules

15th Dec 2014

Instagram Rules - by that I don't mean Instagram is the top dog, the boss of social media as it were. I just mean rules imposed on its users by the popular App. I'm actually talking about the length allowed for the videos you can post, which is a mere 15 seconds! Which seems to fly by when you're trying to convey anything serious, so i decided not to! Instead I decided to make some little "Instagram specific" videos when I have been out on a mission to photograph things. With modern digital cameras its so easy to frame a shot and press "video" and then switch straight back to "photo" mode and carry on taking photo's - awesome stuff.

The first video shows a clip from a film which is currently under production for a local TV station covering a unique running event that happened back in the summer of 2014. Trail-rush, as its known, is the brainchild of Shane Ohly, founder of Ourea Events, entrepreneur and one of the UK’s finest endurance runners. Shane’s company specialises in putting on some of the most extreme running events here in the UK, they pride themselves on making the participants suffer with a capital “S” but the idea of Trail-Rush was to create an event that anyone, with a modicum of fitness and just a passing interest in running could take part in. The key is that the event predominantly runs round the lovely green parks of sheffield, in fact it uses the combined trails and parks that are collectively known as “The Sheffield round walk” (which is approximately 24.5km or 15.2 miles in old money)

Trail Rush from Tim Glasby on Vimeo.

The second clip shows British climber Lucy Creamer redpointing (climbing after practice) a route called "unleashing the wild physique" which is found down one of the peak districts most picturesque dales, Cheedale. Lucy, a professional climber sponsored by Equipment brands Marmot, Scarpa and DMM was badly injured a couple of years ago and after undergoing surgery has been fighting her way back to full fitness over 2014. We spent a day during the summer shooting photo's for her boot sponsor Scarpa, so it only took me a few extra seconds to capture enough footage to make this short clip.

Unleashing the wild physique f8a from Tim Glasby on Vimeo.

The final clip shows another of the UK's finest climbers, Ben Heason climbing one of Staffordshires most famous cracks, the fearsome Ramshaw Crack E4 6a, another great afternoon out with Ben, Lucy and my two dogs Buis and Theo (pronounced Tayo) happy days

Ramshaw Crack from Tim Glasby on Vimeo.