Room with a view

13th Dec 2014


Who says you can't have an adventure on your own doorstep? I guess if you live somewhere like Nepal or Greenland you can! The crux of the matter is how you define "adventure" To some its about climbing the highest mountain, to others it could be exploring the deepest ocean or trecking to one of the poles. I live in Sheffield, a city in South Yorkshire of the UK and have the wonderful undulating landscape of the Peak District right on my doorstep. I can run or cycle to it from my house and once I'm out I can go cimbing on some of the most revered Gritstone edges or saunter down a limestone dale and watch the trout jumping in a slow moving river, these to me are all miniature adventures.

I think for me at least, for something to feel like a real adventure I have to go outside my comfort zone, not in a cold sweats nail biting nauseous kind of way, but at least feel a slight trepidation about something I haven't been involved in before. Packing, un-packing, what do I need to take, what should I leave behind! How hot will it be, or cold. Is it going to rain, do I need a waterproof, are the batteries in my torch going to last the night? Its the little things that add up to make an adventure. 

For the last year I've been involved in writing and photographing a book on Graffiti. Local Graffiti and the artists that make that Graffiti. Some of this work is done in the seclusion of their own studios, some off the work on "legal" boards, for others their studio is the derelict buildings that proliferate "The Steel City" these are the places that interest me the most. There's something very special walking into an old sometimes abandoned building where nature is steadily reclaiming what was once hers and seeing an immense piece of artwork staring straight back at you, its very powerful.

Over the next few months as the book nears completion I'll share with you a small glimpse into this special and very different world of the Graffiti artist, artists called Rocket01, Faunagraphic, Foundry, Booms, The International Outlaws - Jaer & Gzos, Mace, Pawski, Bob, Skint, MilaK and H2i - watch this space, never a dull moment!