What gives you life

11th Dec 2014

I've been a little slack updating the news section of my website of late. Its not because I don't have any news! To me it actually seems like I have too much and its been a little daunting wondering where exactly to start? At the beginning perhaps? but thats a few months ago now! Well just as I was racking my brain thinking "what to do" do I start with my trip to Barcelona to photograph South African swimmer and Olympic, world and commenwealth champion Chad le Clos or maybe a trip to photograph and film a climb down in deepest Devon which hasn't been repeated since its first ascent 25 years ago! I'm sat in front of a computer surfing the net, checking out one of my favourite and a must go to site if your a climber, UKClimbing and "Wham" up pops an image I recognise! Its an image of UK climber Steve McClure, with the caption "What gives you life" It's an image of Steve on his own "super route" Batman f9a/9a+ a sustained route which climbs up part of the steepest section of Malham Cove in Yorkshire. The photo has been made into a poster for Steve's sponsor Marmot and was used on the website to promote an upcoming event which featured Steve. So there you have it, an easy hit really. One down, quite a few to go!