Beyond Limits

3rd Dec 2014

Over the years I've been lucky enough to work with some truly great people, a few of those working rewlationships have developed into something more personal, friendships. Somewhere back in the anals of time, 15 years maybe! I met a climber called Steve McClure at a popular climbing venue called Millstone edge, just on the outskirts of Sheffield. I was reserching an article I was writing and Steve was just packing up after a day of climbing. We (Lucy Creamer and I) gave Steve a lift back to Sheffield and arranged to meet up again for photos on some of the routes in an area called North Bay. The rest as they say is "History" we did meet up, I photographed him on a route called Toploader E7 6c, the photo ran across a page in the article, the first of many successful collaborations. Late last year Steve mentioned he might write a book. A book about his life in climbing. I thought it was a great idea, I love reading about adventurous people, people who don't confirm to the usual mold. I especially love reading about people i know, or in some instances people I thought I knew, because you nearly always fine out a few things you never knew! Sometime in the summer Steve emailed me asking if he could use some of the photos I've taken of him over the years? Well of course he could, it was an honour to be asked. So fast-forward to late November and Steve launches his book at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival where he was headlining, a few days later I get my copy through the post. As I sit here writing this I'm deeply engrossed in chapter 19 - Its all down to motivation. So far I've enjoyed every page, I've learned a few things about Steve I didn't know and reminded about things I'd forgotten. If you're passionate about climbing, then read Beyond Limits, written by a passionate climber, you wont be disappointed. Nice one Ste - some great photo's too!  For a copy of Steves book check out  or if you'd like your own personalised message use the "contact" page on Steves website