Bon voyage Dude - Its been a Blast!

2nd Dec 2014

 Jimmy Roe-Parkin "The Dude" Photographed in my studio January 2014.

Almost a year ago I wrote about my new found friendship with "The Dude" A pairing that started as a working partnership, but quickly developed into something much deeper. The Dude, as he became effectionately known to me, his actual name is Jimmy, has had a major impact on my life for the last year. Back in that Blog post In December of last year (read it here)  I wrote "He’s become a friend, someone I talk to or message on a daily basis, someone who I value highly and who I would miss if he weren’t here" Well, tomorrow he gets on a plane and fly's out to live in Vancouver, and you know what, I'm going to miss him. I won't be the only one, on Sunday a houseful of friends and family came by to wish him well on his new adventure on the otherside of the world. It was very touching to see how big an impact he's had on a whole host of people, we'll all miss him. Occassionally in this life we're lucky enough to meet someone special, kind, caring people, without an "agenda" Jimmy is one of those people, If you've met him you know what I'm talking about. 

Somewhere in Sheffield - Standing in for the model while balancing the lights - May 2014.

We've had some great adventures together, have been privilaged to meet some amazing people along the way and see some sights that only a handful of people get to see. My adventures in the world of hidden art won't be quite the same without you my friend. My loss is Jana's gain and I hope your new life together is everything you hope for and more. This isn't the end, but a new beginning for all of us, a new path, a new adventure - but who the hell is going to stand in for my model when I'm working out the lighting? Be safe my friend, Bon Voyage Dude. Tim x