Hair of the Dog

1st Sep 2014

Those of you who know me, know my love of dogs and in particular the "Bull" breeds. So it shouldn't come as a great surprise that I absolutely love this piece of graffiti by the artist Rocket01.

I first saw a photo of it a couple of years ago and immediately loved it and wanted to see the original which was painted on a wall in a derelict factory, somewhere in Sheffield! Well yesterday I finally got to see this rather lovely work of art, sitting untouched (surprisingly) amongst all the usual detritus associated with old, decaying industrial buildings that have been visited by both time and those looking for scrap metal. I had heard that all of Rocket's work in the building had been "tagged" by unknowing, or perhaps un-caring kids, or destroyed by those looking for pipes hidden in the wall, crow bar verses plasterboard is not a battle which would last long! There were a lot of rumours, but finally yesterday I got to see for myself. Yes, certain pieces have been destroyed, some are still there in pieces scattered across the floor, but from what I've seen, most of the pieces I really wanted to see are still here. 

My friend "The Dude" who had come on this mini adventure with me knew how special this one piece was for me, so when we came close, he made me cover my eyes (for the second time that day) and marched me forward until I was in the prime spot to fully appreciate this wonderful piece. "OK, you can open them now" and I did. It was beautiful and huge and reflected in the water. Everything I'd ever imagined it to be. It was like meeting an old friend, I immediately felt comfortable in its presence. There are better pieces out there. Better and more technical pieces painted by Rocket01 here in Sheffield, but this piece resinated with me because I first saw it just a few days after I lost my own dog Kodo and I guess it reminded me of her. Thanks Rocket01 for keeping her memory alive, it was worth the search. If you'd like to see more of Sheffield artist Rocket01's work he has a website