RIP King Robbo

18th Aug 2014

I popped down to Bristol last week on my way over to the Gower in South Wales. While I was there I visisted my favourite climbing wall UCR (under cover rock) for many years Bristol's only climbing wall (now there are four) It's located in an area called St Werburghs and is just a short stones throw from a large, graffiti filled road tunnel. Whenever I'm at the wall I always like to wander over and see who's been painting what! So, after parking up I grabbed a camera and went to have a look. As usual there was an eclectic mix of Tags, Pieces and Productions by a host of local artist's, but what really caught my attention was the tribute pieces to the late, great, london based artist King Robbo, who sadly passed away at the end of July, age just 44. For those of you who aren't hardened graffiti fans, Robbo was perhaps best known, at least outside the graffiti world, for his Feud with Banksy and that's partly why the pieces on the walls of the tunnel really touched me. Bristol is the home of Banksy and for the artist's here to come out and show their love and respect for the big guy made their pieces all the more special - Respect Bristol. For those of you who have never heard of Robbo, why not head over to his website and take a peek at his work, or read about who he was and why he had a feud with the most famous graffiti artist in the world on wikipedia site, you wont be disappointed! Perhaps, if your not a fan of reading and would rather watch a documentary about Robbo and his work, check out Robbo vs Banksy - Graffit wars