Kentmere and beyond

28th Jul 2014

The call came from Marmot UK who were planning to shoot some adverts for their Spring 2015 campaign. They wanted to feature a couple of their sponsored Athletes climbing on home soil and wanted to know my availability. Liam Lonsdale was sorting out all the logistics, which is never easy when your trying to organise four different diaries (Marmot, Steve McClure's, Leah Crane's and my own) and after a little "to-ing and Fro-ing" we finally nailed down some dates where we were all free.

The way it panned out was a day Bouldering in the Lake District with Leah Crane,  followed by a drive south down the motorway to hook up with Steve McClure in North Wales for the following two days, before driving back up North, re-packing and heading to the Airport the following morning before flying out to Barcelona - but thats another story!

 I love Road-trips, even mini ones! There's just something awesome driving around visiting places and having fun. If you can combine it with work and share the experience with someone likeminded, even better. As it turned out this, albeit a short road trip combined all of those elements.