Running Man part Deux

25th Jul 2014

A couple of weeks ago Si Homfrey and I decided to take advantage of the amazing weather we're having here in the UK and get out and shoot some more training photos of Si and his trusty trailer "Gromit" For those of you who haven't come across Si or his website Si is running from Sheffield where he lives to Everest and then climbing the mountain. He started running (the trip is completely unsupported) last August and reached Istanbul the capital of Turkey at the beginning of April, where his poor, abused trailer decided without warning to unceremoniously break. After a few frustrating days of trying to hunt out a company who could repair the space age materials Gromit's made up of and failing, he decided after much deliberation and soul searching to pack up "shop" and head home for a short enforced break of repair (Gromit) and recuperation (Si)

I suppose for me Si's temporary return to the UK was lucky as we were going to take some photos while he put the recently fixed Gromit through its paces up on a few local hills. I also wanted to shoot a new portrait of Si (and trailer - see top photo)

We headed out to a couple of prime locations, having the Peak District on your doorstep is a great advantage when you just need dramatic landscapes. First up we headed to the picturesque village of Edale, nestling under the foothills of Kinder Scout, to a cafe for breakfast. If there's no fuel in the tank so to speak, you won't get very far, so after a rather pleasant refueling session we headed up towards Mam Tor our first venue (see below) we'd both independently come up with the same idea, to show Si running up the steep and winding road towing Gromit, with the Moors as a backdrop, for once the weather played ball and just when we needed it the sun poured through the clouds and hit the distant hills of Kinder, while at the same time plunged the four ground partially into shade, adding some nice contrast and a little extra drama - shot one in the bag, next venue thank you!

The next spot we chose, for the portrait was a little wooden bridge crossing a stream, near to the popular warm weather wild swimming spot, slippery stones.

We drove over there, parked next to the reservoir which looked three quarters empty and very parched (see middle photo) and headed off along the dirt track to the little bridge. The idea was to use just a little Nikon SB900 flash unit off camera pointed at Si and underexpose the background by one or two stops to once again create a little drama.