Ali Edwards

25th Jan 2014

I've just spent a weekend hanging out in the quaint little village of Chew Stoke, just outside the hustle and bustle of Bristol, a city in the south west of the UK. I've spent the day in the company of Ali Edwards who works for a small company making bespoke garden ornaments out of metalwork. The company, named after its founder Willa Ashworth specialises in decorative metalwork sculptures for the garden, I'll let Willa explain "Inspired by my love of gardening, my designs have been created to be durable, complement your planting and blend comfortably into the natural surroundings. They combine practical function with aesthetic qualities" and, in my own humble opinion, the work Willa and Ali produce together has an understated beauty to it, which through the outdoor "ageing" process becomes more beautiful with time.

Rust beautiful rust

"When steel first starts the oxidation process its orange and unstable. It will come off on anything it touches. After a while it gets darker in colour and becomes more stable. A little good old English drizzle and it will turn a burnt umber colour, this is the final stage and it will no longer come off. The steel has now formed its own protective coating and because I use heavier steel than most, it will last many many years. The beautiful colour gives the metal an organic appearance, which blends and complements any planting scheme"  Willa Ashworth 2014.