Art is not a crime

30th Dec 2013

A couple of weeks ago I had the unexpected pleasure of visiting an amazing gallery jam packed with some of my favourite artists work.

The prospect of seeing two piece’s in particular which I’d only ever seen in photographs before really excited me, by the time I arrived I was practically buzzing!

From where the Tram stopped it was just a short walk through the rain soaked streets. I paused momentarily to take in the view from the outside of the single story brick building, nothing special really. In fact the only give-away was the perhaps the huge windows allowing the light to pour in!

I made my way through the security cordon, across the forecourt taking in a few of the modern “installations” and headed towards the obvious huge, open entrance with a certain amount of trepidation.

                                        Installations courtesy of L-R Coloquix, Unknown and Bine

As soon as I walked in I knew instantly I was “SO” going to enjoy myself. I admit I’m not the greatest fan of art galleries. I find most of them a little stuffy, somewhere I don’t totally feel at ease, maybe I feel intimidated!

For me Art isn’t complicated. I either like it, or I don’t, it’s that simple. I’m a visual person; I look at lines, composition and texture. Art that comes with a much deeper meaning and needs to be explained to me misses the mark!

                      Walk-through gallery with the three main pieces of artwork by Pawski / H2i

For me, this place had it all. Artists I loved, artists I’d never heard of, or seen before. Well-respected artists and new ones. Once in the building it was very easy to view the work. It was like a “walk-through” Windows on one side, art on the other, you in the middle. You were literally surrounded by it. Bombarded by the most amazing colours and textures. There were three rooms in total, each containing more wondrous surprise’s than the last, until finally, right in front of me was a huge, familiar production, taking up the entire wall. It was one of the pieces I’d come to see, it was by an artist called Pawski and it was awesome, jaw dropingly awesome and so much better in the “flesh” than in photos.

                                 The Awesome production between Pawski and the H2i crew.

I asked about the other piece of artwork I was told would be there as I hadn’t seen it and by all accounts it was huge too, so not easy to miss! It was a classic collaboration between two of my very favourite artist’s Rocket01 and Booms, I finally found it round a corner, how could I have possibly missed it? Perhaps I was walking round with my eyes shut, or as my old mum used to repeatedly say “you can’t see the wood for the trees”

                           A little outdoor action courtesy of Rocket01 (man&dog) and Booms (writing)

I was loath to leave, but after a couple of hours I finally headed back along the damp pavements to a rendezvous with my tram. Still thinking about what I’d just seen and why, in my own mind it was so amazing. The conclusion I came to was that the venue where the art is displayed is almost as important as the art itself and these artists had really thought about WHERE they wanted to exhibit their incredible work, go take a look, its free, they’ll be some near you, find it and remember – Art is not a crime.

A special thanks to everybody who’s work is exhibited there: Booms, Rocket01, Pawski, H2i, Dank, Prone, Lone, Skint, Riseone, Coloquix, MilaK, Phlegm, Bine, Angry Face, Mars and Angel.

To those I’ve missed I apologise profusely