Jimmy Roe Parkin and the Masters of Graff

15th Dec 2013

It started with a Block!

Some time back in the summer of 2012, or at least that was when I decided to do something about my steadily growing addiction!

I'd dabbled for a few years, nothing major. I certainly hadn't immersed myself fully into it like some had. I hadn't needed to! But then along came that block and it changed everything.

Obviously it wasn’t just a block. It was actually a huge concrete block painted black, with intricate otherworldly characters reclining in black and white on its four sides,

this block as I would later learn, would become known as the Phlegm block, and like I said at the beginning, it was the block that pushed me over the edge, this was where my graffiti addiction really started!

I needed to see this block for myself, but first I would need to find it!

In the close knit world of Graffiti there is an unwritten rule that you don’t tell anyone where the pieces of Graffiti actually are, unless they happen to be on one of the “legal” places to paint around town, but unfortunately it quickly became apparent that this piece wasn’t.

So I went back to where I first saw the photo on Instagram and typed “graffiti” in to the search facility and up popped 3,573,430 posts, luckily for me when the photos started to load the block was one of the first I saw. The original photo belonged to the account of one “saint2jimmy”. To this day I’m not sure why I loved this photo so much, perhaps it’s because most of the graffiti you see is on walls, its two dimensional and this block throws in another dimension, its 3D with a capital T.

Fast forward a year to September 2013, and Saint2jimmy and I are sat in a café discussing the possibility of producing a book together, a book on yes you guessed it, graffiti! Its actually now December and I can happily report that the idea of a book is well on its way to fruition (more of this another time) Jimmy Roe-Parkin formerly known as “saint2jimmy” but from here on in known simply as “The Dude” is one of the most knowledgeable people on the complicated subject that is graffiti that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, and believe me, through Jimmy I’ve been privileged to meet some of the best artists out there.

But to just say “the dude” is an expert in his field would I fear, be rather missing the mark. He is an expert its true, but he’s become so much more than just an expert to me. He’s become a friend, someone I talk to or message on a daily basis, someone who I value highly and who I would miss if he weren’t here.

Last week I finally got to see the Phlegm blocks, there are actually three of them! They didn’t disappoint. But if I’m honest what was really special was that “The Dude” was right there by my side, sporting a huge grin, and a cool leather jacket – the special things in this life are worth waiting for and true friendship is one of them.