Boulder Brighton

4th Sep 2013

I was actually pretty psyched to climb, it'd been a while since I'd donned my boots and pulled on. Just the shear load of "things" had got in the way and prevented me from climbing. So when I had the opportunity to visit Boulder Brighton on a rare day off I lept at the chance. I was going to be in Brighton for a Leonard Cohen concert the previous evening anyway and Lucy Creamer, who I was travelling with had agreed to do some Coaching work at the new bouldering wall, Boulder Brighton.

That was at least the intention before I woke up and realised my all to knackered back had decided to "give up the ghost" sometime during the night whilst sleeping on an "all too soft" mattress! O, how I cursed while stumbling around, a kind of John Wayne crossed with Frankensteins monster gait. But it was more comfortable to walk or I should say stand, rather than sit, so after two stiff coffee's at one of the nearby coffee houses (I couldn't walk far) I was loaded into a car and driven to the previously mentioned Boulder Brighton. 

After a brief introduction to James one of the walls owners (there are two) and a walk around to take in the most excellent of view's, of what I should have been climbing on, I hobbled back to the car and sulked - not for long though, I had my camera in the car, so I thought at least I could take a few pics of the day, Lucy's day.

Her plan was to set a few problems in the morning, have lunch and then do two group sessions of coaching split into two hour blocks in the afternoon. 

I snapped away, Lucy bolted more holds onto the wall. I had lunch in the little cafe at the wall, very agreeable. Lucy didn't, she had no time for such luxury's, everyone for the first session arrived early, introductions were made, stories told and expectations gleaned. Five minutes later, then as they say it was time to "Rock & Roll" game on.

The first session seemed to go quickly, well it did for me! A few pics and then I settled down to reading a some rather well worn climbing mag's in the cafe. Another coffee and a piece of cake (Me) and session number two was ready to kick off. 

Everyone on both of the masterclasses seemed to enjoy themselves and got something out of their session. The feedback that has been coming in has all been very positive.

I really enjoyed my slightly handicapped day down at Boulder Brighton, hopefully one day in the not to distant future I'll have a return match. The place has a good vibe to it with some very enthusiastic and helpful staff. As for the bouldering I can't really comment, but it looked fabulous, just the sort of open and airy setting I love.

I shall return.


Big thanks to Lucy Creamer for doing all the driving and putting up with all my winging throughout the day and to Boulder Brighton for being such excellent hosts.