Who Ate all the Pies - Marmot Store opening Ambleside.

30th Aug 2013
























What a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon - Sunshine, Champagne, TV Stars, Sassy Sax players, Pro Athletes and PIES! I have to admit, I'm a sucker for a good Pie. I think its probably a British thing. So when I got an Invite to celebrate the opening of a new dedicated Marmot Store in Ambleside (English Lake District) rub shoulders with one of Britains best loved TV Soap stars, listen to my all time favourite instument being played by a beautiful blonde Diva and then go climbing with one of the countries best climbers I couldn't really refuse and there were PIES. Did I mention the Pies? Local, hand-made Pies. mmmm.

So with the promise of a great day ahead of me I headed North, all I had to do for my part was to take some photographs of the store and the afternoons "going-ons" 

The official opening was at One. I arrived at Eleven to check out the venue and talk to both the head of Marmot UK, Hugh Harris and the new owner of the Ambleside Marmot store Dave Pritt. Both were busy, very hands on stocking up on Beer and wine and topping up the gigantic buckets of ice and generally putting the finishing touches to the amazing new store. It did look fabulous, overflowing with my favourite brand of outdoor wear. I settled in to shooting some interiors before the crowds arrived.

I've been involved with the outdoor industry for a long time, over the years I've been to a good few shop openings, they're usually the same old, same old. Same industry faces made up of manufactureres, retailers and sponsored athletes. Usually pretty low key, quiet affairs, the revelry happens later! But right from the off this opening was different, very different. You walked through the door and were instantly greeted with a welcome  "glass of your choice" be it beer or wine, and a locally hand made pie. If this didn't grab your attention then enter stage left the lovely Suzi Gee, The previously mentioned Sassy Sax player dressed to kill and playing some wonderful Jazz  and singing some favourite songs, this wasn't, by any stretch of the imagination your typical outdoor store opening! By one, the official opening time the place was ram packed with a real eclectic mix of people enjoying the craic, 84 year old adventureres happily rubbing shoulder with modern day heroes from a campaign in Afghanistan reminiscing about daring do. It wasn't  long before it was time for the opening ceromony and Sally Whittaker of Coronation street fame alongside Lucy Creamer, Britains most accomplished female climber and Marmot Pro athlete to cut the Red Ribbon and announce the store officially open. Glasses were raised, toasts made and the revelry continued - well done guys, best opening I've attended. 

Special thanks to : The guys at Marmot for creating such a great store. Sally Whittaker for taking time out from her very busy filming schedule. Lucy Creamer for keeping the crowd entertained with her tales of "daring do's" and the guys from Summit for Heroes, Peter Bowker and Duncan Hook, true heroes if ever there was one, please visit their website and give them your support - thanks guys, you're all legends.