TransWorld SURF - The Party's over

9th Aug 2013


Surfing doesn't often make it into the mainstream news here in Britain but this week I was pleasantly surprised to see it on the front page of one of our, if not the worlds most prestigious daily Newspapers, The Times. No sooner had I privately revelled in the joy of one of my favourite pastimes making the headlines I was totally shocked, just a few minutes later to read the following editorial in my favourite all-time Surf magazine TransWorld SURF, the irony of which wasn't wasted on me -: 
"Every month, I looked forward to sitting down at my computer and writing my Editors Note,  but on this occasion it's a heartbreaking endeavour, as this will be the last one I'll ever write for Transworld SURF. After nearly 15years of success, growth and 150 or so great issues - business and bureaucracy gave dealt a death low to the worlds best surf magazine - this is the last issue of TransWorld SURF, ever. At least death came quick, this last issue was 99 percent done when word came down from the top.
When the news of our demise broke online, the outpouring of love and support shown to the magazine and its staff was and continues to be incredible and I cannot begin to tell you all how much we appreciate it. When we started the magazine, we had a goal to make surfing fun again. We wanted to shake things up and progress the sport. We wanted to break down barriers. We strove to introduce and celebrate new heroes and respected legends. We made it our goal to make fun of ourselves and everyone around us. We were excited at the prospect of pissing people off. Mostly , we wanted to change surfing - and we accomplished all of this and more.
Am I bragging? Fuck yeah, I'm bragging. In our relatively short existence in the surf media landscape, we changed the game completely - becoming the leader in photography, design, forward thinking editorial, and yeah, dick jokes and plenty of cussing. We invented a whole new way to look at surfing. We even invent a whole new bro- nacular (Broisms) Unfortunately for surf fans all over the world, our exit leaves a void on newsstands and in mailboxes that will never be filled in the same way again.
TransWorld SURF defined a generation. The hardest part of closing our doors is leaving behind an entire group of young surfers who were literally raised reading TransWorld SURF. I could go and on, but I won't. All I can say so TransWorld SURF left the surfing world a better place than it was before we were in it and at the end of the day, that's where our legacy will stand - TransWorld SURF changed surfing for the better. We are proud of the indelible mark we left on surfing. Thank you to all the readers, writers, surfers, photographers, designers, critics, haters, subscribers and all the people behind the scenes who made this magazine possible for the last 14years.
And on behalf of the whole staff, past and present........your welcome"
TransWorld SURF 1999 - 2013
Chris Cote.
What can I say, it feels like a crashing blow, I loved the magazine dearly, I felt like I knew the editorial staff and especially the awesome photographers intimately.  Who was it that said "a picture is worth a thousand words" their photos stood head and shoulders above anything else out there - the final issue ran alongside the editorial, an amazing photo of Kelly Slater throwing down at Cloudbreak. Arms outstretched in what has been dubbed the "Jesus Christ" pose, taken by one of my all-time favourite surfing photographers Brian Bealman - If a magazine has to close its doors, what better way than to go out with a truly amazing photograph of the best surfer in the world riding a perfect 10 wave, captured by one of the true greats of modern day surf photography.
Awesome guys, truly awesome - you'll all be missed.