Winter Blues - The Running Man

18th Feb 2013

Whenever the weather seems to be concerned, I don't seem to be having much luck of late. I flew out to Arizona from the UK in a snow storm, only to land in a rain storm and to hear from the locals that it "never rains in AZ" It did, for a week! Last week a friend asked if I'd go out into the Peak District (Derbyshire, UK) and take some photographs of him on a training run. Of course I will, I said. I only live about 5 mins away, Si has been a friend for over twenty years, how could I say no! The day arrives and so of course does a foot and a half of snow. But as we're hardcore, read old and stupid, we head out anyway and have a great time running along Stanage edge. The conditions were slightly more extreme than usual, but it's good to have a bit of an adventure in your "backyard" occassionally.

If you fancy reading a more about Si and his running adventures check out his website, The Road of Many Colours, I think you'll be a little suprised when you see what he's up to, I know I was when he told me.

Go Simon.