Patagonia or Bust

13th Feb 2013

I'm Just in the process of trying to organise my trips for 2013. One of my special "wants" for this year is to visit Patagonia, nothing spectacular in terms of what i want to do when I get there, just go trekking and take photos, but I thought while I was thinking "all things Patagonia" it was a great excuse to use a photograph I took last year featuring Outdoor Clothing Manufacturer Patagonia's underwear. The photo needed to be simple, with a no "bells and whistles" feel to it, rather like the underwear and was to be photographed against a plain white Colorama background in the studio.

The photograph was taken using a Hasselblad H3Dll-39 with a trusty HC50-110 set at 100mm (about 75mm on a 35mm) and an aperture of f/6.8 to give just enough DOF.

The lighting set-up was simple, but like a lot of simple and clean looks, involved 5 seperate lights! Two background flashes aimed at the white background to make sure it stayed white. The model was lit using a further two flashes as rim or edge lights, which were fired through small 2 x 2ft softboxes with grids. The main light was fired through a 3ft Octobox on a boom placed about 2ft away from the models face, pointing slightly down.

The result is a soft, flattering and simple look which shows off both model and product without one overpowering the other - result.

Still looking for someone to go to Patagonia with though!!!