Winter Warmers

8th Nov 2012

A damp and wet weekend (about 6 weeks ago) found me in the "Suprise view" carpark in the Peak District National Park. Unfortunately there was nothing suprising about the wonderful view today. In fact it was rather spectacularly unsuprising. Having said that when your shooting photos of insulated, waterproof outdoor gear that has been designed for conditions not unlike the prevailing ones, you (I) can't complaining too much.

Not only was it raining, but it was also windy which I thought might prove more of a problem as I wanted to use some off camera flash and an Octobox.

In the end we selected an area next to a small patch of Silver Birch to add a little outdoorsy texture, the fact it was only about a hundred yards from the car was also quite handy as it meant we could pack up if the drizzle turned to torrential rain, which having seen the forcast it very well might have done. We had to shoot on a Sunday and as this area is one of the most accessable and popular areas in any of the UK national parks as soon as we took out the camera we had an audiance.

I set up a single Profoto head in a 3ft Octobox about 3ft away from my model which was set to about a 1/4 power, just enough to put a little more light back into the picture to bring out the detail on the Jackets, which it did nicely. We shot various combo's, three quarter, full length and head and shoulders, luckily we'd just about got enough in the bag when it started to rain so we called a wrap and headed back to the car for a change of coat and a change of venue.

We decided to head for a nearby old Quarry called Millstone Edge, a popular venue with climbers and infact one of the places my brother taught me to climb over 35 years ago. I quite liked the idea that the new Jacket, The Chelsea Jacket was brown and it would match the surrounding achitecture of the rock.

By the time we'd found a suitable spot the sun had come out and because of the sheltered nature of the crag the temperature had risen enough for me to sweat in just a T-shirt, let alone a winter warmer. The shoot went smoothly and was only interupted once when a puzzled bunch of climbers strayed into our bay looking for a climb, after a few minutes of "them versus Us" they kindly headed off in search of another climb and let us carry on. It only took about 20 mins before we had the photos we needed in the bag and we headed home.

The Marmot Chelsea Jacket in brown on the left and the Marmot Montreaux Jacket on the right head up the Winter 2012/13 range of Urban Tech Wear.