Ste "The Claw" McClure Vs Hubble

3rd Nov 2012

It's been Twenty two years since Ben Moon climbed Hubble. Yes you read that right, Twenty two, 22 years. Ben graded the short, powerful route 8c+, which at the time (1990) put it at the very top end of world climbing, the worlds first 8c+. Since then the route has still only had a handful of ascents and as one "would be" ascentist said after his recent session "The world's first 8c+, which could be easily even 9a in my opinion. It is not the most inspiring line, it seems more like a boulder problem with a rope and easier topout, but one must admit that it is of revolutionary difficulty for its time and I believe that it isn't by any means easier than Action Directe, the world's first 9a established a year later..." Thank you Adam Ondra, the worlds greatest climber.

In 2009 Ste McClure the UK's greatest sportsclimber made his ascent of Hubble. He'd been saving it, but having done everything else at Ravens Tor and even adding a few of his own, he thought he better get round to climbing the route. Take it away Steve.."If it was a boulder problem it would be Font 8B. It is a boulder problem really, it just needs a rope. It's only about 7 hand movements, 9 if you're short. After that there is a breather before a relatively easy section, still around F7c+ and very drop-able." Thanks!

Fast forward to 2012 and Ste writes a series of articles for Climb magazine called "Seven Star Sport Routes" one of the routes is of course the previuosly mentioned Hubble and as I took the photos of his ascent I got asked to provide the photos. Quite a number of these photos were used at the time (see below, this particular shot has been used world wide and is probably my favourite) the image they finally chose hasn't been published before, it shows Ste eyeing up the hold he's going to have to "throw" for, the crux move. Always great to see a different perspective. Thanks guys.