Marmot Connect Glove

3rd Nov 2012

Got a call a few weeks ago from Marmot HQ asking me to shoot some photos of their Connect Glove. Evidently sales were going ballistic here in Europe and the retailers were asking for some new photos to accompany the product on their websites.

The glove (Evidently there are going to be four versions for 2013) have been around for a couple of years now in one guise or another and were developed to use alongside "touch sensitive" devices like the IPod Touch, IPhone and IPad.

Marmot have this to say about their glove "Tired of always peeling off a glove to make a phone call, switch playlists, or check your GPS coordinates? The Connect Glove features a conductive, touch screen compatible index finger, and provides plenty of warmth thanks to cozy stretch fleece fabric" there you have it in a nutshell, It's a pain in the arse having to keep taking your gloves off. So if you've got a touch sensitive phone, do yourself (and Marmot) a favour, go Connect.