Climb Magazine - Ettringen Germany

15th May 2012

A quick update while I've got a minute in between jobs - I'm stoked to see my work in this months Climb magazine. Here's a PDF of the article, which is about rock climbing at an amazing venue in the south of Germany (just across the border from Luxembourg) called Ettringen.

If you can get your hands on a copy its definitely worth a read (if its off the news stands by the time you read this you can buy back issues direct from the publishers, Greenshires here) Even better if you can get yourself over to this fantastic sandstone crack climbing area you wouldn't be disappointed. Its sometimes referred to as the 'Indian Creek' of Europe (Indian Creek is a global destination for crack climbing enthusiasts in the USA. Excellent, long, parallel splitters and corner cracks in Wingate sandstone, surrounded by spectacular desert scenery) because of its outstanding crack climbing. If cracks are your 'thing' then this place is as close to Nirvana as you're going to get while keeping your clothes on! The cracks vary in width from thin tips and finger to hand, hand to fist and for those masochists amongst you, even the dreaded offwidth.  The climbing is mainly trad (place your own protection) with the occasional sport route thrown in for good measure.