Outdoor clothing manufacturer Marmot - London store

10th May 2012

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a short piece about the new Marmot store which opened at the Westfield Center in Stratford city, London. This is a pretty cool location as the Westfield shopping centre is literally a stones throw from the main 2012 Olympic stadium. The Marmot store is outside the main shopping area on a tree lined avenue called 'the Street' A short walk to its end and you are literally in the stadium, how cool is that?

Marmot London Store Opening from Tim Glasby on Vimeo.

So when the call came from the guys at Marmot HQ that they wanted me to head down and shoot some pictures of the store for them to use in an immediate press release and also for all their future printed and internet media content I jumped at the chance. It would be great to see the new store and a double whammy to be able to see the Olympic site at the same time. So last Saturday I headed down the motorway to London with a car full of gear and high expectations. The journey was pretty uneventful until the last few hundred yards when the center security guided us away from where we wanted to be and put us where they wanted us to be - at the opposite end of the center! Ah well, it just meant a slightly longer walk with some big bags, but I'm used to that.

Once we, I keep saying "we" thats because I've got filmmaker Matt Pyecroft with me who's going to film the new store and "yours truly" taking the photos. Once we'd dumped all the heavey bags it was time for a "cuppa" before starting work.

The basic "brief" I'd been given was to produce a series of shots of the store and its contents, as well as the staff, nothing fancy.

I decided to shoot both the inside and outside of the store as an HDR image, as the variables in light  across tthe store were at least 2 stops. Hope you enjoy the small selection I've been allowed to share with you here and the film we made.

Enjoy Tim