Marmot Store opening in London - first dedicated store in the UK

4th May 2012



Just thought some of you "Die hard" outdoor fans might be ineterested in this news. Outdoor clothing manufacturer Marmot are opening their first dedicated clothing store here in the UK, (they already have one in Germany) That means ALL, I repeat ALL of that lovely shiny outdoor apparel they make will be in one place and its all in one very cool looking store.

The stores based in London at the Westfield shopping center, Stratford City, which is very close to the main Olympic site.

I'm heading down there tomorrow to do a photoshoot, mainly of the lovely store itself and a few portraits, we're also going to be making a short bts video which will be up on this site in the near future, come along and say "Hi" if you've got nothing better to do, always nice to see you guys.