Editorial bits and pieces

10th Apr 2012

Thought I'd take a few minutes and post some photos of editorial work thats recently been published. Obviously they're just the opening double page spreads not the whole article, I've also included the original shot so you can compare the "before and after" so to speak, I thought you might like to take a look. First up is an article on the Churnet Valley, a collection of small Sandstone crags lying along the banks of the river Churnet, between the picturesque villages of Oakamoor and Alton here in the UK. You can read a little bit more about the day here Interesting to see the difference in the blues between what was sent and what was printed!

Next up is another "Crag of the month" feature for the same Uk based magazine Climber. The opening double page spread I've included here actually wasn't the one they finally went to print with. I sent them a colour image (see below) which I really liked, the rest of the article only featured B&W images. My idea was that the colour opener would add impact to the next four pages in black and white, the magazine had different ideas and sent me this PDF. After a few "back and forths" via email the final piece

ran with the colour shot as seen below, which I prefer. The photo depicts a beautiful December morning at Bowden crag in Northumberland where Lucy (my partner) and I spent a fabulous Xmas. The day I took the photo was the only day when the wind eased enough to actually "pull on" to the rock, then the sun came out, the start to a perfect day. You can read a previous post about the day here

Around the same time I also shot the photo of Lucy Creamer (below) on the classic Peak district gritstone mega classic, Eye of Faith at Gardoms edge, Derbyshire, another fabulous but very cold day.