2011 - Year of the Dog

1st Jan 2012

2011 has come and gone, I had a pretty good year, foreign trips interspersed with local and national jaunts to some great events and fabulous locations. Book, magazine and brochure shoots and a re-build of my website, but for me there was only one highlight. A highlight weighing in at around 40kg’s, brindle in color, solid in stature and suffering from separation anxiety syndrome arising from being tied to a tree in a wood and abandoned.

Yes for me, my highlight of 2011 was adopting another Dog. Buis, as we named her, is a Mastiff cross. We’re not actually sure what she’s crossed with but it doesn’t matter to us, perhaps she has a bit of Boxer, perhaps a little Staffy or some have even hinted Pit-bull, who knows, who cares.

How we came about adopting another dog two days after finding a home for a dog we had fostered is still slightly puzzling but I like to lay the blame at my partner Lucy’s feet as it was on her insistence that I visited the pound to look at this “very special dog” and she was special (aren’t they all) it only took one visit to convince me to change all my exciting plans for the upcoming few years and take on a dog with “Issues” I’m not going to bore you all with the details but I’m very happy to report that just over 11 months have gone by since we were lucky enough to adopt our big girl. She’s settled in to home life wonderfully, has her own passport and been on a few foreign trips to Europe and even taken part in a couple of photo-shoots. Our other beloved dog Kodo loves her new found sister and has learnt to successfully “side step” her way out of trouble as Buis comes thundering past at 20mph (she ran into me in July and I’m still having physio on my knee)

Of course other stuff happened during the year, but, that’s another story and to be honest it all rather pales into insignificance alongside Buis (named after a small town in Provence where we once lived) so for me 2011 really was all about “the year of the dog”