Insured for adventure - The BMC.

14th Nov 2011

BMC A3 Insurance Poster V3I've just been sorting out my Travel Insurance for next year and like most people when it comes to insurance I always try and shop around looking for the best deal. Unlike most people however, I'm definitely a walking liability, at least in the eyes of your average Insurance broker.

All those places that the Foreign Office advises us not to travel to, well they head up my list of destinations for next year!

Which Zone will you be travelling to - Zone 1 Europe, Zone 2 Eastern Europe, Zone 3 Worldwide excluding the USA and Canada (in insurance speak worldwide doesn't actually mean worldwide, they're gonna hit you up again for some more dosh) and finally Zone 4 worldwide including the USA and Canada?

Do you take part in a dangerous sport? I don't think I do statistically speaking, but hey that'd be a Yes!

Which one - tick the appropriate box. This is where it usually gets messy because it doesn't let you tick "ALL" the boxes, so I have to either abort or phone an advisor.

Luckily for me someone suggested I call up the BMC (British Mountaineering Council) and in a matter of minutes all my insurance worries melted away and I had everything explained to me in a way (and language)

I understood - to quote world famous mountaineer Sir Chris Bonnington "for me it's the only choice"

I guess all this does sound like a bit of an advert for the BMC and in a way I suppose it is, but then I believe in singing one's praises when applicable, I guess we'll see, but hopefully I won't need to test it out - O yeh, that photo on the poster they use to advertise their insurance, It's one of mine and I'm very proud of the fact they used it, thanks guys.