That man McClure again

10th Oct 2011

 I've just got back from a trip to Germany photographing climbing in an amazing area called Ettringen. The climbing hereabouts is predominantly on Basalt which can produce very photogenic lines (Cracks, Aretes and Grooves) Occasionally when we weren't climbing we'd venture into the local town of Mayan to buy groceries, eat out, have the odd coffee (I love my coffee) and load up on anything else we needed to sustain the good nature and wellbeing of the team (Chocolate, Beer and Cigars) 

KletternI don't know about you, but whenever I'm away in a foreign country I like to pop into the local news agents or whatever the shops that sell magazines are called (Press in France, W.H.Smiths over here) and take a look at what's on offer. I love magazines, for me the Internet can never replace the tactile qualities of a well-thumbed magazine, they're like old friends.

A lot of the magazines are pretty much the same whichever country you visit, or at least very similar to the ones we get over here, Fashion is Fashion and the usual low rent "who's dating who" stuff is virtually the same, but then you move on to the titles which are only really relevant to the country your in, like Wildschwein - That would be Wild Boar to me and you and tends to depict large moustachioed men dressed in camouflage, toting guns and more often that not, dead "Wildscwein" I myself tend to enjoy looking at the photography and sport section (which for some strange reason includes the aformentioned Wildscwein) So on a day off I found myself wandering around town and spotted a likely looking shop, popped in and was confronted with floor to ceiling shelves packed with 100's of titles - heaven. Photography to the left, top shelf (virtually porn in Germany) and Sport tucked away at floor level (kinda sporting) Mountainbiking seemed to be the most well represented non-mainstream sport, the German and French have literally hundreds of MTB titles between them, anyway to cut a short story even shorter, there I was looking at all the Ineternational and German titles and who should be staring right back at me but our very own super star climber, Steve McClure from the cover of Klettern, (that's Climb in German) and to make things just that little bit more interesting, it was one of my photos. It's always cool to get your photos featured in foreign titles and even cooler to get them on the cover (see my previous post about covers) but there's something even more special about seeing your work adorning a cover actually in the country of the magazines origin - Result!

So that would be a big "heads up" to Ste McClure for being such a great climber and getting himself into such a wild position and to all the guys over at Klettern for putting the photo on their cover, thanks guys.