Front Covers revisited

8th Oct 2011

Well a couple of "Post's ago" I said I'd let you know what happed with that Steve McClure photo that was, then wasn't and then did get used on the cover of a magazine (see previous post on the subject here).

Clim cover


The gist of my post was that I didn't like getting work featured on the front cover because of all the "strap lines" that get plastered on top of the image thus rendering all the photographers hard won positioning to get the shot somewhat obsolete.  As a photographer at the end of the day your just doing a job and that job is to supply pretty pictures that will hopefully inspire the "magazines reader" to part with their hard earned cash. A good photo can really make a magazine stand out on the news stand shelf and cry out "buy me" that's why I've never quite understood the ethos of covering up on average 50% of it but hey that's just me!

So lets just say that when Climb, the magazine that did finally run the photo on its cover, dropped through my letterbox I was rather pleasantly surprised. Minimalist, is a good word to describe the headlines adorning the cover and those that were there had been sympathetically positioned to show off the route and climber.

I think at least part of the reason the editorial staff at Climb understands how to create a pleasing cover might just have something to do with the fact that both its Editor (Dave Pickford) and Deputy Editor (Ian Parnell) are photographers, all in all a good result - thanks guys.