Keala Kennelly Extreme lady

12th Sep 2011

I don't often post photos that I haven't taken myself, however a couple of days ago I came across a photo that literally stopped me in my tracks - for all the wrong reasons, take a look yourself.

keala The photo you're looking at (taken by Keala herself in the hospital) is of world class surfer Keala Kennelly and the horrific facial injuries she received after a particularly nasty wipe-out face planting into the coral sea bed during a heavy surf session at the infamous break of Teahupo'o just off the island of Tahiti in the Southern Pacific Ocean.

Hawaiian Keala known for her prowess riding huge waves was the first woman to successfully Tow-surf this heavy slab of water back in May 2005 and has ridden it on many occasions since.

She sustained her injuries (40 stitches to her face and scalp) at the end of an epic week charging huge swells. Ironically the accident occurred on a day when the swell had subsided to smaller 6ft conditions.

There's a video (see here) doing the rounds which, shows Keala wiping out in utterly gigantic conditions, this isn't the video of the accident it was filmed two days earlier.

Keala has been an utter inspiration to me over the years and I really hope she recovers quickly from her injuries and is back on top form ready for the inevitable winter swells.

I'll leave the final words to Keala who posted this on her Facebook page "sorry if you were eating dinner. (I look much better now I promise)"