Instagram Vs Twitter

1st Sep 2011

            insta logo    VS    twitter logo   

I have to admit that I'm not a huge 24/7 fan of social media. Some of my (real) friends have thousands of friends (on Facebook) that they don't know, and probably don't even like! When it comes to a toss up between Facebook and Twitter, for me the latter won hands down. I kinda like the fact that you're limited to just 140 characters in which to bore everyone blah blah blah. I joined because I thought I should, hell that’s what all the magazines tell you to do! "You’ve got to be good at social media" I did try for a while. I followed people, mentioned people and even sent a few people direct messages, but it just didn't feel right. Forced is probably the word I'm looking for. It just felt like I was posting for the sake of posting. Most people I know use Twitter  for advertising, or to put it slightly differently "blowing their own trumpet" telling everyone what fabulous clients they're constantly working with and what wonderful days they’re always having. Few people have bad days on Twitter! I persevered but it didn't sit well on my shoulders, I just struggled to make my rather exciting life sound well, exciting! Sitting on the M1 on a Monday morning in a traffic jam heading towards London or rolling around on the floor in 2 inches of freezing water and mud isn't actually that glamorous - but it's supposed to be on Twitter!

I was struggling, In the past I'd let my work do the talking, that’s why I chose photography instead of Journalism, I like expressing myself in the visual, and that’s when, by chance I discovered Instagram.

To put it quite simply, Instagram is a visual Twitter. Yep, instead of trying to say something clever in only 140 characters you post photos and can then caption them in as many words as you like, you can even link it directly into Twitter if you have an account (and Facebook) Instagram immediately appealed to me, I'm looking at peoples lives through their photos. Some people (they're not all photographers) post very random pics throughout their day, other people who are photographers post some of their professional work. Some a single photo while others post literally hundreds during the day - I love it. Over a period of time you really get to know some of the "Characters" who post, their day, good or bad, their family warts an all. You develop relationships with your favourites and start looking out for them. You comment on peoples photos, you laugh with them, you feel down when they are having a bad day, its one huge community, living life through photos. For me its everything Twitter was supposed to be but wasn't!

Download the app here create an account, post some photos and meet a whole new bunch of like minded people. If you fancy dropping by and saying hello my user name is Offwidth - go on, you know it makes sense.