Quick Hits

20th Apr 2011

Just a few "quick fire" hits of my work on the news stands at the moment. First up an advert i shot for Marmot outdoor gear which was used in the latest edition of Climb Magazine.


Next up on the shelves of good old W.H.Smiths and a rival publication to Climb is the latest edition of Climber magazine (yep, you read that right. Believe it or not both publications dedicated to the wonderful sport of Climbing in the UK have "Climb" in their title) This time my work was used to illustrate a couple of feature articles.

Crag of the Month

The first of which is a piece on Rivelin Edge, a Gritstone crag in the Derbyshire Peak District. The weather was perfect when we ventured out to shoot the piece with some much needed March sunshine.

Classic Rock

The second feature was about a particular route called Dexterity, a classic crack climb at a crag called Millstone edge, also in the Derbyshire Peak District. Another great day out with my good friend and fellow Journalist John Horscroft.