Bits and Pieces - odds and sods.

14th Feb 2011

I hate writing, that’s one of the reasons I enjoy taking photographs so much. I can record everything pictorially. When a magazine rings up I wait with baited breath for the words "you'll be working with a writer" if I’m pushed I will and can write a passable piece, but I’d rather not. I write like I think, in a sort of jumbled up, throw everything on the paper while its fresh in my mind and edit into a semi-coherent piece later type of way.

So I guess I'm a Photographer and Editor first and then a writer. Two very good reasons why I should let someone else put the pen to the paper, but hey, I'm game if you are! I'd love it if any award winning journalist's out there reading this would like to offer there services (for free of course) writing up my news pieces, but somehow I can't see it happening. Last year I was a little slack and only managed thirty-eight bits of news for your consumption, so for 2011 I'm going to try a little harder.

January came and went in a bit of a wet haze, sat behind a computer editing photos and writing reviews for various websites and magazines.

76-81 Photo gear

One of which is the "10 top cameras for climbers" I was asked to write for the March edition of Climber, Britain’s biggest selling climbing magazine. I regularly contribute photos to the magazine, but always have to take a step back and a serious think whenever they ask me if I'd like to write a piece. On this occasion however it wasn't too painful and when Andy McCue the editor explained the idea behind the article I said yes without the usual deliberation and soul searching. I actually quite enjoyed trying out a few cameras I wouldn't usually work with. The review wasn't intended to be a "heavy hitting" review, more like a few little appetisers about each camera to get you salivating and hopefully offer an insight into potential cameras that might just be what you're looking for, or not!

Just out on the newsstands as I write this, is an article I collaborated on with British climbing legend Lucy Creamer. It's a piece based round the climbing areas of Les Alpes-Maritimes.

38-46 Nice

It was almost a year ago that we visited this awesome area in the South of France and enjoyed the company of newfound friends. In fact I enjoyed the trip so much (it was more play than work) that I actually took the time to write up the trip in a previous news item - read it here.

 All in all its been a good but slow start to the year, with more work being cancelled due to the weather than I’ve actually managed to shoot, but that’s predictable, after all I'm supposed to be an Outdoor Photographer!