Freeze Festival

5th Jan 2011


It was all set to be a great weekend. 500 Tons of snow, a 30m ramp and some of the best Freestyle Skiers and Snowboarders on the Planet throwing down their stylish moves. Add in the latest hip Dj's and live music, World food (whatever that means) and some nice retail outlets all set against the magnicenly decaying backdrop of one of Londons most recognisable and iconic derilict buildings and you have a pretty cool event on your hands.

Edit 2

Like most photographers i'm obsessed by the weather and after some initial good reports earlier in the week on breakfast tele and some slightly less encouraging ones from various Apps on my iPhone (the more you have the more likely one of them is going to be good) weren't very encouraging.


Friday looked like it might be OK. Saturday was a hotch potch of sun and showers and Sunday just looked like it was going to piss down right from the off. O yeh and it was quite warm for the time of year, not really an asset for a "snow" driven event, but hey!

Press pass freezeI travelled to London on Thursday night to make sure i could get over to Battersea reletively early and sort out the obligatory press passes. Friday morning wasn't half bad, as my train from Kingston pulled into Waterloo the sun was out and the air temperature was a "Tee shirt" warmish, having said that it could have been the 40kg's of equipment i was lugging around. Jump in a 'Black Cab" with just enough time to put the world to rights before arriving at the wrong gate to pick up my press passes.

Passes in pocket or rather round my wrist, i headed into the arena for a spot of sight seeing, smoozing and coffee drinking before the serious business of fighting for my spot on the ramp began. Luckily i wasn't shooting for an editorial publication so a quick turnaround and a long list of "must Have" photos weren't top of my list. In fact compared to the usual melee the day was starting off positively horizontal! Another coffee? Don't mind if i do, but make it a decaf otherwise i won't be able to hold the camera still.

When i finally started taking photos the action on the ramp was fast and furious with a few serious wipe-outs to keep everyone on their toes. By evening the light, intermittent drizzle had turned into real rain which slightly marred the evening session and sent all the "Togs" scurrying for the music tents after a quick stop at the bar.

A Great event, I'll have to think of a good excuse to go again next year - A big "Heads up" to Sportsvision the organisers and particularly to James Rodd who did almost everything himself, nice one mate.